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Red Lights

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The Producer

We have an in house producer here at Redlight Web 3 Productions.  He was approached by someone in 2021 and started to learn how to list his instrumentals for cryptocurrencies. After searching for platforms to release on, there was not many NFT marketplaces that supported music files or let music stand out. That is where the vision started for Redlight! LLC. We had the goal of starting our own Web 3 label and creating a native token that powers the entire ecosystem. 


Our Goal is to bridge music artists onto the blockchain where they will have their own tokenized ecosystems. This will ensure that artists have full ownership over all of their music and their royalties. Artists will be able to have their own tokens created which can be used to fuel their ecosystem and careers. Fans will be able to use these artist tokens to buy merch from their favorite artists within the Redlight marketplace. We are here to educate the masses about the power of placing your music on the blockchain. There are so many possibilities when you work together as a Web 3 community to reach common goals. The future of music is here and this is a perfect opportunity to reach millions of people in the near future when crypto goes more mainstream than it already is. 

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Join The REDvolution 

Join the Redlight team and share a space with likeminded individuals who create music and want to learn more about how they can utilize the blockchain to push them further.


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