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Character Collectibles

We have two different styles of NFT's! We have our character collectibles and our music collectibles. Our character collectibles help fund a lot of our ventures here at Redlight. The current collection is our genesis character collection and it is hip hop themed. This collection will fund the liquidity pool for staking (LIVE) and will fund 25k CRO for the liquidity to launch the Redlight mp9 token!

Glasses + Hat + Headphones+ Chain + Red mic (28).png
Glasses + Hat + Headphones+ Chain + Red mic (82).png


Our character NFT's are done by creating the art through an AI Algorithm and then adding metadata to those aI artworks. In the near future, We want to provide the tools here on this website for artists to create their own Ai art creations as well. We will have a different character for most popular music genres. keep an eye out for the country character drop next. 

Gold NFT's

Each of our character collections will have 20 gold NFT's within its 600 NFT collection. The current hip hop drop has 20 gold mics scattered throughout the collection and you never know what you might mint. These nft's will be super rare and hold high value not just because they are super rare, but it is also going to be your v.i.p pass to future redlight shows in real life and in the metaverse. The perks of having these gold mics grow with the project. Try your luck and see if you can mint a Gold Mic NFT and be Redlight Royalty!

Red Balls of Fire

Staking Services

Staking for the Hip Hop Character NFT's is live on Corgistudio! The staking for these particular NFT's will be live for a year until 1/2024. The reward token is Cro-Magnon Plan, which is tradeable on the Crypto Com Defi App. Get in there and get those CMP rewards before the NFT's sellout and you have to get one on the secondary market on Corgi.

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